Experience and Solvence

We are an independent general interest entity dedicated since 1993 to the promotion and implementation of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Spain.


Through a network of experts in the field

Strategic Vision

Because we have been pioneers in generating interest and advocating for an effective implementation of HTA in Spain


We have been promoting, from different approaches, the development of this relevant discipline in Spain for 28 years


Everything we do is backed up by scientific evidence


We believe that in order to effectively develop and implement the HTA in Spain, it is necessary to:

Further define procedures to guarantee transparency associated with the entire evaluation process and the dissemination and implementation of decisions making on the basis of that evaluation.

Define a re-evaluation process with fixed deadlines to update technologies and their uses.

Consider the existence of thresholds of acceptability of availability to pay and
adapt them to certain pathologies such as cancer.


To ensure the best approach to this discipline we advocate to:

Promote the relevance of developing Health Technology Assessment Positioning Reports (PR-HTA) in line with EU recommendations.

Ensure that HTA determines, in an effective, coordinated and transparent way, the relative (clinical and economic) “value” of the new technology compared to current best clinical practice.

Guarantee that HTA reduces or eliminates the use of unsafe or ineffective technologies (disinvestment) through binding assessment of the highest scientific and technical quality.


We are committed to EUnetHTA and the Spanish Network of Agencies for the Assessment of Health Technology and Performance of the National Health System in the important work that they carry out in the homogenization and creation of standards of the evaluation reports and clinical practice guidelines that allow to give cohesion to the assessment of health technologies at national and European level.


Directive Board

  • Presidente: Juan del Llano
  • Vicepresidente: Indalecio Corugedo
  • Secretario: Salvador Peiró

Scientific Committee

  • Luis Quecedo
  • Iñaki Gutiérrez
  • Montserrat Ferrer
  • Ricard Meneu
  • Joan Rovira
  • Jorge Mestre
  • Jaime Espín
  • Jaime Pinilla
  • Beatriz González
  • John Ioannadis
  • George Davey-Smith